Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canadian Wins Contest With Bacon!

Food Network Canada host of Glutton For Punishment, Bob Blumer came to the Third Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival to win the Homemade Ice Cream Making Competition and take home "The Spoon". He definitely achieved his goal. Superstar heard that he shocked the judges with his Bacon Maple flavored ice cream. Rumor also had it that a notable, local restaurant, opened their kitchen to him the morning before the competition so he could give the bacon the preparation it deserves. Well, Superstar can only say that he loves ice cream, bacon, and maple and wishes he could eat a pint right now.
Stay tuned for more results from the Third Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival
Keep Screamin,


John Hoffacker said...

Hi - We'd like to hold an ice cream competition as a fundraiser for our chorus. Any advice on guidelines, logistics, etc.?

Bomb Pop said...

Just have fun! Brainstorm with your group on some ideas. Possibly a $10 entry fee for an eating contest, or even $10 for an all you can eat ice creams social!

You could have a smaller contest for kids with a $3 entry. All going to the charity/chorus.