Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ice Cream Making Ruling

Hi everyone!!!

With the Austin Ice Cream Festival only 2 days away, Superstar has stumbled upon a recent ruling regarding the Homemade Ice Cream Making Contest. In an email (read below) intercepted by yours truly, the powers that be have declared that all ice cream must be made on site. The story was prompted by special guest contestent, Bob Blumer from Glutton For Punishment, a popular TV show on Food Network Canada and Ed, from parts unknown.

Do You have a Glutton For Punishment ?

Can you take on Food Network Canada Host, Bob Blumer in an ice cream make off?

Superstar says, "Don't let "The Spoon" go to Canada!"

See how to take on the challenge and win "The Spoon" by visiting


"Dear Contestants,
The Special Committee on Ice Cream Affairs has just adjourned. After much discussion of such things as ice cream, ice cream making, custard,etc., it was declared that premade custards or other sweet and creamy pre-prepared bases shant be allowed.

Although it was acknowledged that the on-site preparation of custard is not optimal. tt was also stated that previous competitors have chose to bring out hotplates and prepare key ingredients, on site. On-site preparation of key components of the ice cream is encouraged.

Additional cooking equipment is allowed but equipment, such as burners, hot plates, or deep fat fryers will not be supplied by the Austin Ice Cream Festival.

Good luck competitors,
Special Committee on Ice Cream Affairs"

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