Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sailing the Ice Cream Seas

As the 2nd Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival approaches, I think about each and every Popsicle stick from each and every frozen treat that I've enjoyed during this hot Austin Summer. Then I remember back to childhood when I would make rafts or any sea worthy vessel from sticks saved from Superstar's bought from the neighborhood ice cream truck. I would use the plastic from the Push-Ups, purchased from that very same ice cream truck as pontoons for my creation.

How nice it must have been for former Hollywood stuntman Robert McDonald to sail his 50 ft Viking ship composed completely of Popsicle sticks. McDonald and two friends assembled the Viking ships from Popsicle sticks sent in from children all around the world. Now living in Amsterdam, the 45-year-old, from Jacksonville, Florida, is president of the Sea Heart Foundation, an organization which runs projects for children in need. McDonald hopes to one day sail it across the Atlantic.

Who will build the next great Popsicle stick creation. Who will win the Spoon at this year's Austin Ice Cream Festival?

I can't wait to see.

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