Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sweet And Not So Sweet

Took the kids to see Underdog this afternoon and decided to take The Float with us to Barton Creek Mall since we had not made an appearance here yet. When we got out of the movie, we had this ticket on our window and one of their security people threw away all of the beautiful flyers we had set out by the truck in case anyone stopped by to check it out. We were only there two hours to watch a movie and thought it would be fun. It is a bummer when you come across people who don't get it. This is an event where the proceeds are going to three great organizations to help kids and it amazed me from the reaction their security people gave us. They even followed The Float as we left. Not sweet. (Edit: Someone from their security called me to apologize Tuesday. Very nice guy and what an admirable thing to do! Free ice cream for you!)

Then the day paid off at the Dakota apartments when we met this little ray of sunshine and several other great kids. How sweet! Enjoy your treats! :)